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        Easy to operation,suitable tissue gap, has no side-effect and complication ...

        Memory Ni-Ti Alloy Rectum Stents, Memory Ni-Ti Alloy Biliary Stents
        Laparoscopic Instruments

        Laparoscopic procedure is a new kind of minimally invasive procedure, and it is also a inevitable trend for future procedure.

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        Founded in 1993,Changzhou Zhiye Medical Devices Institute Co.,Ltd.(Zhiye) is located in Wujin Hi-Tech Development Area, and it is a special institute integrating scientific research, manufacture and promotion. Zhiye covers total land area of 10,000 square meters with class 10,000 clean room, biological culture research room and water trearment equipment. Zhiye has got ISO 9000 and CE certificate, and approved by national medical devices...
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